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About Us

VIVID POINT SIA was established in Latvia in 2008. Main activities of our Company are sales and service of maritime IT technologies and equipment in the segments:

• ship onboard equipment and systems;

• sea surveillance systems;

• maritime simulation and training.

VIVID POINT SIA purpose is to provide our Customers with high level technologies and products, bringing the latest developments of maritime IT industry to our Customers and enabling them to comply with modern maritime society requirements and to follow new demands and trends in maritime industry. Central to our work is reliability and fulfillment of all our obligations to Customers in supply, delivery and service. VIVID POINT SIA carries out deliveries and services in the local market and all over the world. The Suppliers of VIVID POINT SIA are leading manufacturers and developers of maritime IT technologies and equipment. This allows VIVID POINT SIA to supply our Customers with high quality modern equipment and solutions.



VIVID POINT SIA provides supply and service for:

  • Maritime Administrations
  • Port Authorities
  • VTS Administrators
  • Maritime Academies and Colleges
  • Maritime Training Centers
  • Ships and Ship Managing Companies
  • Crewing Companies
  • Ship Supply Companies
  • Navy and Borderguard
  • Private Persons
  • training

    Maritime simulation and training

    VIVID POINT SIA provides simulators supply, installation, warranty and after-warranty service.


    • Navigational simulators

    • Engine room simulators

    • Liquid cargo handling simulators

    • Crane simulators

    • Offshore simulators

    VIVID POINT SIA specialists supplied, installed and serviced different simulators of Lithuanian Maritime Academy, Estonian Maritime Academy, Latvian Maritime Academy, Liepaja Maritime College, Shipping and Crewing Companies, Maritime Training Centers, Riga and Liepaja Port Authorities.

    For more information and requests please contact VIVID POINT SIA:


    Sea surveillance and ship monitoring

    VIVID POINT SIA arranges supply and implementation of sea surveillance and ship monitoring systems and their hardware and software components.

    Products and solutions:

    • Vessel Traffic and Information Systems

    • Coastal Surveillance Systems

    • Search and Rescue Solutions

    • Offshore Solutions

    • River Information Systems

    • GMDSS

    • AIS Network

    • VTS Simulation Solutions

    • Systems hardware and software components (radars, daytime and thermal video cameras, CCTV, AIS, DGPS, radio direction finders, etc.)

    VIVID POINT SIA specialists have got experience in implementation of Latvian AIS Network System, Lithuanian Sea Surveillance System, Lithuanian GMDSS system, Estonian VTS training simulator, supply and installation of different VTS, GMDSS, AIS equipment, including radars, GMDSS communication systems.

    For more information and requests please contact VIVID POINT SIA:


    Ship navigation and Fleet operations

    VIVID POINT SIA provides supply, installation, warranty and post-warranty service of shipborne navigational equipment and solutions.

    Products and solutions:

    • ECDIS, electronic chart systems

    • Electronic charts and data services

    • Radars

    • Conning systems

    • AIS

    • SSAS

    • DGPS

    • Pilot portable electronic chart systems

    • Vessel Tracking

    VIVID POINT SIA supplies shipborne products and solutions of different manufacturers: Furuno, JRC, Kelvin Hughes.
    VIVID POINT SIA provides service of the products in the Baltic States and worldwide.

    For more information and requests please contact VIVID POINT SIA:

    Contact Us


      Ganibu dambis 24d, LV-1005, Riga, Latvia

      +371 29235518

     VAT Number: LV40103190183

     Registered in Latvia, Reg. Number: 40103190183